I spent a week in April traveling with my mom. It was her first visit to Spain to come visit me.

She’s not a regular traveler. She HATES airplanes.

So for her to make the trip from the US, not only to Spain, but to northern Spain, on a connecting flight…wow, I couldn’t be prouder.

Watching my mom age has been both truly heartbreaking and inspiring. Heartbreaking in the sense that we can’t do all of the things we once used to. Inspiring in the sense that she’s more independent and self-sufficient now than I’ve ever seen her in my entire life.

I go back and forth on my plans after I finishing business school here in Spain. Do I try and stay, do I go back to the States? And, I’m at the point in my life (hello, mid-30s!) where it’s not just about me. Sure I don’t have children, but I do have my mom. And I know I will regret not spending time with her now.

But should that be a major factor in changing my own career goals? Part of me says yes and part of me says no. The funny thing is that I’d like to work with the aging population and that is first and foremost my next career move. But does it matter where I do it? I think I could be happy anywhere that has a beach, little to non-existent snow, and good Mexican and Indian food.

Maybe I have to get back to my chart-creating days and lay everything out so I can visually see my decision…