What next?

I’m currently between finishing my MBA and my “what’s next” chapter. I’ve got 2.5 months left here in Spain before my next adventure begins (no idea where!). Half terrifying (I have so much to do!!) and half even more terrifying (WHAT NEXT!?).

As I meet more people and take on new side projects I’m beginning to narrow down my focus on what comes next. But, by narrowing my focus I’m also getting more creative with how I can accomplish those career goals.


Which leads to this:

Imagine about 25 tabs open, each one dedicated to the “next chapter” – whether it be work in Europe, other parts of the world, back in the States; additional schooling; online courses I can take now to help set myself apart; different types of job websites (startups, government, Fortune500, etc.); volunteer projects.

And I’m so picky about what type of work I’m applying to at this point. It feels like a relationship.

For example…I find something that looks like it’s right up my alley, exactly what I want to do. I get so excited. I reorganize the resume, jazz up a cover letter, and, after a significant amount of work, send it off into a black hole, most times the company’s website (or lack thereof).

I get so excited about my resume submission. I impatiently “wait by the phone” and hope that they’ll call. But then I think that maybe I need to be the one who reaches out. But then I think that I will only look desperate. The last thing I need HR to think is that I’m a Stage 5 Clinger! (and the vicious cycle repeats itself…).

The funny thing is that I just don’t give up. Each “no” (as frustrating and excruciatingly heartbreaking as it may be) is a lesson learned. An annoying lesson learned because of the few hours of my life I’ll never get back again. But a lesson learned. It makes me more creative in my next approach.