TRUST…something that can take a lifetime to build and a minute to break.

Why is it that this topic is covered towards the end of my Executive MBA course and not at the beginning?

It’s the building block, the foundation of how the next 18 months will be shaped and it’s taught after most of the team assignments are complete. It’s the cornerstone of how people work within their organizations and how they solve problems.

Yesterday’s lesson focused on trust: how to engage employees, how to solve problems, how to lead a team while giving them the autonomy to do their work.

The one thing I wanted to do after class was actually spend time with people I trust! So I did. Went to my “home bar” – the first place in Bilbao that welcomed me in, the one place I go when I want to feel like I’m sitting in my living room surrounded by familiar faces and an excellent beer selection…Bar Singular.

I met some friends and tried out two new beers (my favorite thing to do!) before moving on to the next local spot, Morrocotuda. Now the evening is complete and I finally feel better about my course on trust. I trust quality beer and solid friends, people who will see how exhausted you are after class, laugh at your silly stories, make sure you try amazing beer, and then tell you to go home and go to bed! haha