This place I go…

I frequently feel this need to ground myself…to go to a spot where I have some peace and quiet, where I can think without my headphones on, where I can relax without feeling like I have to be doing something.

I found the spot.

There’s a corner of a beach, here in Euskadi, that brings me so much peace that I find myself going back there every weekend. Sometimes there are other people walking along the beach, sometimes I sit there quietly and watch the surfers run into freezing cold water to catch a few waves, sometimes I meet a parent and a child, or a dog playing fetch.

On Friday, I laced up my running shoes, took the metro out to Bidezabal, and started running the trail along La Galea, my thinking spot as my destination. As I sat down on my rock, I just melted into relaxation (rocks and relaxation are a quite unusual match!).