I spent the last week in Boston visiting friends, family, and people I’ve worked with who made their way into both of those categories.

In Boston, artisan beer is about as easy to find as a cup of “chowdah.” That said, my options were not only limitless, but were narrowed down to the point of “which brewery is testing out this market with beer that I may never be able to find again?” And those were the ones that were fortunate enough to make it into my suitcase to bring back to Euskadi.

Today was a good day…today, I love living in Bilbao. What I love even more is being able to share my crazy love for beer with some amazing people who just want to do the same. This market is less saturated, allowing me to experience the rise of artisan beer all over again. I wouldn’t trade it for the world…I wouldn’t trade it for my favorite milk stout.